The tween years are often times a difficult stage - especially for girls.  They're often times confusing, awkward, and filled with uncertainty.  Between peer pressure, bullying, independent struggles, puberty, and mean girls, being a tween can be challenging.  The main goal of this unique project is to make tweens look and feel beautiful and be confident in who they are.  I want to not only give them the opportunity to see the beauty in themselves that their loved ones see, but to help them understand that they are important, unique and loved.  This project is designed to build confidence while showcasing beauty and personality in a fun environment with lots of giggles.  Because these 


The IMPACT PROJECT is very near and dear to my heart.  As I transition my business to focus on photographing and empowering girls & women, I have realized the opportunity to showcase our youth while empowering them, encouraging them and building confidence within them.  I am in need of a few models to do a "test run" through this project from start to finish so I can fine tune the details.  

The session will begin with a model release - any/all images taken during this session may be used for promotional purposes such as (but not limited to) brochures, advertisements and may be used on social media such as (but not limited to) or website, publications, editorial use, photography contests and publications,  and numerous social media platforms.

Once a model release is signed by the parents, a session time/date will be selected and a survey/questionnaire will be emailed to you - this is to be a secret and not to be shared with your child. Your child will only know about the photo shoot and her survey, but she won't know about the survey being sent to her teachers, friends, coaches, etc!  All surveys/questionnaires must be turned in to be prior to your session date.

Between 10-14 days after your session, I will need you to come back into the studio for a viewing/ordering session.  During this session I will place images taken into a slideshow for you to view.  I encourage both parents to attend along with your child.  Other family members (siblings, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc) are also encouraged to attend.  This is the moment when your tween daughter is showcased - her personality, her beauty, and the love that her family & friends have for her.

There is no purchase required or expected.  Period.  You will be given 3 web-sized digital files (of your choice) with my watermark to be used for personal use.  You will also receive (2) 5x7 photos, of your choice.  Packages and a la carte items are available for purchase, should you be interested.  Again, no purchase is required or expected.  This opportunity will allow me to do a dry run through this project, will give your child the opportunity to participate and will give you a little something to remember the experience and to showcase her beauty with friends & family.


Who we're looking for:
We are looking for female models for our photography project, ages 8-14. We will have the model complete a quick survey, and ask the her loved ones a few questions, then combine the text and photographs from their complimentary photo shoot to create one impactful video as well as a slideshow of beautiful images.

Why "Impact Sessions"?
We want to capture the the personality of these tweens and record the last stage of their childhood before they become young ladies. We want them to realize their true beauty so that they are confident in themselves as they enter their teen years. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tween's self image.  This project is so much more than that.

How to participate or nominate a friend:
Please fill out and submit the form below by February 17, 2018  if you are interested in having your child participate in this project. You will receive an email response with details on how to sign up and a list of available dates and times for your child's complimentary session. These complimentary sessions are being offered on select days and times from February 9th - April 30th.

If you would like to nominate a friend or family member of yours that you think would be perfect for this, please forward them this link. We have a very limited spots open for these complimentary sessions. A booking fee of $150 is required to reserve your session, you will receive a credit of $100 toward any desired purchase during the viewing appointment.


• Must be a girl, age 8-13

• Parents must sign a model release

• Tag Kat Oswald & Kat Oswald Photography when posting images on social media

• Submit a Review of Portrait Experience to Kat Oswald

• Consent to a Before & After photo (if applicable)

• Consent to behind the scenes photos and video filming of your portrait session (if applicable)

• Must pay a non-refundable $150 reservation fee that can be applied to the optional purchase of photographs

• Must be able to shoot on a weekday: Monday – Thursday 

• Must be able to attend a pre-session consult on a weekday: Mon./Wed./Fri. between 9 am – 1:30 pm


• Professional hair + make up

• 1-2 Hour photo shoot with Kat Oswald

• Reveal of proofs at a separate appointment

• (1) 8x10 Print, printed with her “I AM…” text, for display at home where she can be reminded daily of the incredible impact she has on her family & loved ones.

• A $200 gift voucher towards the purchase of images (can be digital files, prints, and/or products)


Will I get to see images before they’re used in the promotion?
Yes. After your shoot, we will schedule an appointment for you to return to the studio to view the proofs.

What if I want to purchase some of the photos?
That is up to you, you are not obligated to make a purchase. However, if you decide you would like to purchase one, a few, or ALL of the images, as a thank you, you receive $200 to spend towards images.