The age of 8-13 is said to be one of the most impactful during a young girl's life.  This is the age where they begin to form opinions of themselves that will carry on with them through the rest of their lives.  In a world filled with so many opinions and filtered photographs on social media, magazines that depict what "perfect" should look like, and young people idolizing those that aren't the best role-models, we began to realize the need for this younger generation to build the confidence they need to succeed.  These custom sessions are designed to build unshakable confidence and self-love in Tweens while enriching their lives as they prepare for, and navigate through, middle school as well as high school.  We want to give your tween the opportunity to see the beauty and qualities in themselves that you see, and to show them just how loved, important, and incredible they truly are.  

This is so much more than just a photo shoot - it's an experience that your tween daughter will reflect upon for many years to come.