"Family is the most important thing in the world. "  Princess Diana

I had the pleasure of meeting Alivia and her family when she booked me for a family session in the fall.  Right off the bat I was positive that Alivia was the most genuine, sincere, and graceful person I had ever met.  She is so sweet, so soft-spoken, and so loving.  I was instantly in "awe" of this family - their dynamic, their love, their happiness.

We chose Elena Gallegos for our session location because it was a great representation of the beauty of New Mexico.  The Sapp family had recently moved from Virginia and were drawn to the mountains.  As we walked through the foothills and cacti to get to a beautiful location with an old rustic wooden fence showcasing the Sandia mountains as a backdrop, Alivia was excited to let me in on a little secret - they JUST found out they were expecting!  I could not have been happier for this family!  Paxton, 2 year old, was very excited to become a big brother, and Marvin was beaming with the thought of having a daughter as the newest addition to their family.

Alivia knew something was "off" when she changed one of Paxton's diapers and started gagging.  "It wasn't even a really nasty one!" she added.  That was when she took a pregnancy test and found out she was about 3 weeks pregnant.  She went on to add that Paxton was also "pregnant" as he watched his mama's belly grow.  He was pregnant with "baby lions" and "little batmans".

Alivia showed up for her maternity session radiant as always.  She choose a stunning dress with floral prints to show off her perfectly round belly.  We decided on Harnett Park in Albuquerque for her outdoor sunset maternity session.  It was a great location because it offered a fun park for Paxton to play, and a unique farm look with an awesome turquoise barn door and plenty of trees.  This would allow the opportunity not only to get some great family shots, but the location also allowed easily entertainment for Paxton while I photographed his mama.

Here are a few more favorites...

Of course we can't skip a few black & white edits…

I look forward to blogging photos of Salem, the newest addition to the Sapp family.  Be sure to follow Kat Oswald Photography to receive updates on her newborn session!


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Are you interested in visiting Elena Gallegos Open Space in Albuquerque?  Not only is it a stunning location for a family photo session, it's a fun place for hiking, biking, or just to have a family picnic.  With stunning views of the Sandia Mountains as well as a fantastic place for breathing views of the city, this location has a lot to offer and is one of my personal favorite locations.  Click here for more information and directions to Elena Gallegos.  

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