Top 7 Reasons For Summer Family Photos + Save Over 60% off Your Session

The Top 7 Reasons For To Book Your Family Portrait Session This Summer & an Albuquerque Summer Family Portrait Special

Summer is Magical

Summer is the second most magical time of the year (second to Christmas, of course).  My favorite part of summer is sun-kissed skin, long days and warm nights, beautiful sunsets, summer dresses, camping, roadtrips, and of course - intentional, quality family time.  Our family loves hosting BBQ's and pool parties, cuddling together around the fire pit, mornings of hiking or cycling, and picnics at the park.  I'm excited to have the kids home with me and plan several weekly trips around town to keep them busy and connected with their friends.  I’m sure you have some amazing summer plans and traditions too - and I would love to hear all about them!  Because summer is often times looked over as a prime time to update family portraits, I put together some smoking summer portrait deals.  I hope you’ll take advantage of our summer family portrait specials so I can capture some of those magical summer moments for your family!  Checkout my top 7 reasons for summer family photos below...

Special - be sure to book your session by June 19th to take advantage of our amazing free print add-on!  In addition to our summer specials allowing you to save 60% off your session, you will also receive a free print package - (1) 11x14, and 5 gift prints (8x10 or smaller)! Don’t wait, our weekend dates are extremely limited and weekday availability will go quickly!

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While it is no secret that, hands down, Fall is the busiest time for family portrait photographers, these sweet summer days are definitely a strong second.  Everything about summer warms my heart - warm weather, swimming, no school, lots of quality family time, staying up too late, watermelon....  Most of my favorite memories from childhood to now have been made during the summer.  I could go on forever as to why summer is magical and the perfect time to update your family photos....but I'll narrow it to seven. 



While many of us tend to exercise a bit more caution in the sun these days, there's no denying that most people, especially kids, are sporting a healthy glow in the summer.  I personally love having my photos taken in the sunny months to take advantage of how I feel with a new summer dress and sun-kissed skin.  This is the perfect time to show off your new sundress, watch your daughter twirl in the sun in her new dress, and let the sun soak in as you snuggle with your family for updated portraits.  


Like I mentioned before, FALL is indeed the busiest time of year for me and it is also the most difficult to get on my books! I have opened up, and slashed prices for my summer schedule this year in a new way.  Book your family family portrait session during the week and save $25 off our already discounted return client rate.  That is a savings of 60% - you will save $125!  This special summer rate available for sessions held Monday - Thursday from June through September.  And,  when you reserve your spot by June 19, 2018 you will also receive a free print package - (1) 11x14 + 5 gift prints (up to 8x10).


These beautiful long summer nights showcase gorgeous sunsets and allow for more time to get your portrait session scheduled.  Often times in the fall, families rush to get off work or wrap up errands to make it to their sessions.  Kids can get cranky with so much packed into one day and parents show up exhausted.  Long summer nights allow more time to schedule your session.  After all, the sun doesn't set until 8pm (or later!) so there is plenty of time to schedule a relaxing summer family portrait session here in Albuquerque!


Maybe this should have been first on the list!  While we have some pretty fantastic weather through September and sometimes into October, our summers here in the Southwest are truly magnificent.  Although summer is "Monsoon Season" here in Albuquerque, they don't last long and bring incredible sunsets - the quality of light is so warm and I cherish the richness of summertime images.  The sessions held right after a downpour often times end up being my absolutely favorites!!


The summer opens up so many possibilities for additional locations.  Whether it is making a snow-free drive up to the crest or wading in the Rio Grande, there are just some things that can only be done in the summer.  Let's get creative!  Have you thought about a portrait session at your favorite campground or at the lake while on your boat?  What about at the stable, where you daughter spends countless hours riding?  Your favorite vacation spots are excellent locations for a family portrait session.  Where should we go for your family shoot this year? 


While it is my goal to capture family connection all year round, there's something particularly special about summer.  It is a time of transition and anticipation.  It is a time of togetherness and throwing caution to the wind (hello late nights and long road trips!!). It's also a time for family reunions - what a perfect time to update those family portraits!  Summer portrait sessions often times capture a more relaxed family dynamic as everyone lets their guard down and enjoys being in the moment.


Summer sessions truly are the perfect time of year for family portrait sessions.  In addition to all the reasons mentioned above, it's also a much more peaceful time of year.  There is a lot of stress surrounding fall portraits due to pressures that come along with the holiday season.  Sadly I've come across too many families that plan fall holiday photos, but end up putting it off only to keep up with the holiday stress then end up not having time or being "too busy" to update their family photos.  Booking in summer allows you to update those portraits early!


When you have your family portraits taken in summer, they won't have the same look as everyone else.  The summer offers a vibe that brings authentic and unique portraits - often times fall photos look similar as mini sessions are popular and families tend to follow the same color and clothing trends.  Give your holiday cards a pop this year with warm tones and a summer vibe!  Plus, summer portrait specials are available (when you book by June 17, 2018)!!

Sigh....I'm so excited for summer !  Are you with me??



Sisters enjoy summer fun at Bachechi Open Space
Bear hugs at Elena Gallegos
Outdoor family portrait session in Albuquerque
Young boy snuggles with mom in Albuquerque portrait session
Extended family portraits at Elena Gallegos, Albuquerque Photographers Kat Oswald Photography
Mommy and Me Portraits at Tingley Beach
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Summer dates are available and weekday sessions have been slashed!  Book your family family portrait session during the week and save $25 off our already discounted return client rate - whether you are a new or existing Kat Oswald Photography client.  That is a savings of 60% - you will save $125!  This special summer rate available for sessions held Monday - Thursday from June through September.  And, when you reserve your spot by June 19, 2018 you will receive (1) 11x14 print and 5 gift prints (up to 8x10).

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