Spring Cleaning Tips | Amanda McDonald Cipiti - Your Personal Organizer (Kat Oswald Photography)

Meet Amanda:  A wife, mother, entrepreneur, and an amazing friend to many.  

Amanda came into the studio for a headshot session and I was absolutely thrilled to see how excited she was to officially launch her business.  She has been helping people organize their homes and offices for years, and now is "official".   Scroll down to see her favorite headshot images from our portrait session, to learn more about her, and to get some great tips for spring cleaning!  

5 Things about Me

-I’ve been married 10 years to my husband, Ben. 

-I have two kids. Dax is 8 and and Celia is 5. 

-My favorite foods are thin crust pizza, wings, red wine and dark, dark chocolate.

-My favorite vacation’s were when my husband and I went on a babymoon for our son to the Florida Everglades and Keys and also Italy for our Ten Year Anniversary. 

-I love to craft, hike, and spend time with my family. 


My favorite verse or quote...

"be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."  unknown


My definition of beauty and/or success...

Give Encouragement, Spread Kindness, Show Confidence.



Spring officially begins tomorrow.  I'm not sure about you, but I can definitely use some tips and some help with my spring cleaning.  Below are 4 of Amanda's tips for spring cleaning, ways you can connect with her, and her business links.




1. Closets, closets, closets! This is the perfect to get rid of clothes/gear that either doesn’t fit anymore or was not worn all winter. If there are sweaters in your closet you didn’t wear this winter it is time to move them along. 


2. Kitchen! A lot happens in those cabinets during the winter. Drawers and cabinets get dusty and crumby. It’s time to wipe them out! While you’re at it’s also the perfect time to say goodbye to some kitchen tools or old pantry food/spices you haven’t used all year. Our biggest struggle are our storage containers! I have already straightened them up and thrown away mismatched or old containers. 


3. Kids Toys! If you didn’t have time to go through them after the holidays or birthdays, this is the perfect time! If your kiddos are in school, they’re not going to be soon and those wonderful children have a knack for organizing their toys in all the wrong places! Go through and throw out/donate toys, crafts, activity books they don’t use anymore or have been over used, if you know what I mean! Also, make a rotation so not so many toys are out at once. 


4. Garage! I know this might be a forbidden word but I bet a lot has happened in this space over the winter. It’s the drop and go spot for many of us. It’s time to put the tools you needed for a hot second away, Good Will bags finally need to go to Good Will. Straighten up garden supplies for gardening, kids toys for outdoor play and finish it off with a good sweep! 


Out with the Old, in with the Good Vides and happy spring!! 

Studio Headshot Portrait Session, blonde Amanda with blue background for her business

How I got into my business...and what I love about it the most.

    There was a time when I was trying to figure out my spiritual gift. Once I learned that I was a helper, I asked myself, "How do I like to help?". I must be really good at something! After pondering over how I liked to help my family and friends over the years, I came to the very exciting realization that I love to help organize! I've organized for friends, family, classrooms (when I was a preschool teacher and E.A) and myself. At a young age, I would empty everything in my closet to organize it and reorganize it and reorganize it. 

    This is how I love to help. It gives me such joy and satisfaction to help people relieve the stress of clutter and smooth the speed bumps of disorganization. Organizing is so fun for me and I love to help find solutions for my clients. 

Please call me at 505-314-6212 to make an appointment.

Being a wife, mother, stepmother, and small business owner, I know how difficult it can be to start and maintain a healthy business.  I love supporting small, local businesses and hope that you'll take a moment to checkout and "like" Amanda's business Facebook page and read her blog with great organizing tips.  

She truly is an incredible person and I wish her many blessings & much success!  Let's support local businesses, hardworking mamas, and incredible people together!  ;) If you are a woman small-business owner and are interested in a headshot or corporate branding session, please CONTACT ME to schedule a portrait session for yourself.


Albuquerque, New Mexico portrait photographer Kat Oswald specializes in photographing women and those they love.  Her focus is photographing women in a way to showcase their beauty, to help them feel empowered, to document them and their loved ones, and to create heirloom legacy pieces for generations to enjoy.  Exist in portraits - for those who love you so....  Because you are truly a beautiful soul - fearfully and wonderfully made.  

Feel free to visit the blog, browse the website, follow her on Facebook or Instagram, checkout our Fine Art Boutique School Portrait Division or contact us to get booking details for a session of your own.  Not located in Albuquerque or do you also love to travel?  Contact us here for travel details and to see states we frequent.

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