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5 Reasons Why A Mini Session This Fall Is Just What You Need

Albuquerque has so many amazing locations for your portrait session and our Mini Sessions are a great way to get the family together, to update your family portraits, and to help you get those Christmas Cards out early.  The holiday season often leaves a lot of people on limited budgets and with added stress.  With the pressure of traveling to visit family or preparing to welcome visiting relatives, buying and wrapping gifts, and just getting through the holidays, often times updating family portraits is an important event that often gets put on the back burner.

In reality, mini sessions actually quite simple and fun. With preselected locations and shortened timeframes, it's a convenient and affordable way to schedule your family session.  Whether you're wanting to update family portraits, get portraits of you and your significant other or you and your child(ren), or just get updated photos of the kids together, mini sessions are a great option!  Mini sessions are structurally different in several areas from a regular session however so I felt it would be beneficial to explain the differences so you can see the benefits of mini sessions.


1.  Time:  The timeframe of a mini session usually ranges from 15-25 minutes, depending on the style of the mini session.  Because there is always a session right before and right after (unless you select the first or the last session of course), and are no make ups or re-shoots, (except extreme illness, accident, act of God style situations) it's important to arrive early and be prepared so you get the most out of our time together.

2.  Cost:  Mini Sessions cost less than full sessions.  This is the number 1 reason (second to time) why people choose mini sessions over full sessions - especially around the holidays.  Let's face it, the holidays can be expensive and stressful.  Saving money is always a good thing - especially around the holidays and into the new year.  

3.  Location: Mini sessions are always held in the same location as everyone else’s session for timing purposes.  Depending on the time of year, multiple locations may be offered on different days.

4.  Turnaround Time: Mini Sessions are designed to be easy so there is a quick turnaround - you will typically be able to view your images in 2-3 business days for mini sessions held outdoors, and the same day for mini sessions held in the studio. 

5.  Creativity:  While I work EXCEPTIONALLY hard to make everyone’s session unique, mini sessions make that really hard.  The condensed time allowed does not allow for a lot of posing or creative ideas.  Instead people normally come with a small laundry list of the images they are looking for like “parents, parents with kids, kids individual, kids together, family picture”.  If that is what your list looks like – perfect - You are an awesome Mini Session client!  If you have a large extended family and have requests for full individuals, all groupings, about three different family options for posing, etc. then likely a full session would best suit your needs.


As you can see, this may be an awesome solution for your session inquiry this fall and if it is, I am very excited for you!!!  Our fall mini session dates will be released soon and multiple dates and locations will be available - including studio sessions in our new Old Town studio location!

Since mini sessions are quick, affordable, and fun, they are also limited & book out quickly.  The best way to get notified of these sessions is to join our mailing list and get priority booking - you can do that using the link below.

Albuquerque, New Mexico portrait photographer Kat Oswald specializes in photographing women and those they love.  Her focus is photographing women in a way to showcase their beauty, to help them feel empowered, to document them and their loved ones, and to create heirloom legacy pieces for generations to enjoy.  Exist in portraits - for those who love you so....  Because you are truly a beautiful soul - fearfully and wonderfully made.  

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