A Father's Day Letter to My Husband | Your Love Letter

A Love Letter to you, My Husband, On Father’s Day

You, my Love, are the Father that children dream about, and the Husband that women pray for.  You are a true blessing, a generous gift from God.  I have so much respect for you Lover and it is an honor to be your wife and the mother to your children. I truly admire your honesty, your morals, your work ethic and the very essence of who you are.  You live and breathe this family. Everything you do, every decision you make and your hard work day after day is for us, and our future.  You sacrifice so much for this family, and I am eternally grateful.  Thank you for your patience, your never-ending support, your dedicated love, for being a strong role model for our children, and for being the spiritual leader of our home. You are the frame that holds this entire house together and you constantly remind us that chivalry is alive and well. I see you getting up early every morning for a hard day at work and I respect you.  I feel your love and support daily, and I thank you.  I adore how you spend time with our children, making them laugh, making them feel loved, making them feel beautiful - it melts me.  I watch you sweating & working hard as the sun beats down on you while you clean the pool, paint the fence, build a playhouse, pull weeds in the yard, build the pergola - to create a beautiful space for our family.  I hear you pray with our children before bed, read stories, teach them, play with them, and father them.  I appreciate the sacrifices you make for our family, and how you give so much of yourself for us.  I value your dedication.  You are the true definition of what a man should be, what a dedicate father should be, and what a loving father should be.  

Thank you My Love.Happy Father’s Day to you Lover, you are Our Everything! xoxoxoxo  

Clients, Friends, & Family…  I invite you to join me in giving a little love back to the Dads today!  Feel free to share this post or post what you love about your baby’s Daddy or your Dad!  And thanks to all the fathers who make our lives a little easier.  Thank you!