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Albuquerque Adventures with Kids - 8 Fun Things to do in July | Kat Oswald Photography - New Mexico Family Photographer

Albuquerque Adventures with Kids - 6 Fun Things to do With Kids in Albuquerque in July


It is finally July and there are lots of HOT sunny days in the near future! If your like me, you're always looking for some adventures in the Albuquerque area that are kid friendly.  So, I'm starting my "Albuquerque Adventures With Kids" series by putting together a list of fun Albuquerque activities.  Who knows, maybe your family's path will cross ours on one of these outings??!! 

Our summer plans this year are incredibly crazy with travel to California, Missouri, and Washington.  You see, we have family spread all over the United States and do our best to make the rounds (sadly we won't make it to Texas, North Carolina, or New Jersey this year...).  This is our daughter's summer before starting Kindergarten so travel plans during the year won't be as easy as past years.  

And that's what sparked "Albuquerque Adventures With Kids" - to make sure we get the most out of each month and stay active as a family.  We certainly don't want to stay cooped up inside, even though the heat can be unbearable for us at times!  So here are some of our July favorites in Albuquerque!


 1.  Go for a walk, hike, jog, bike ride, or stroll at Tingley Beach! 

It’s funny, when I moved from California to New Mexico, I thought "wow, this is quite different from the rolling hills, lush fields, and abundance of water that I am familiar with...  I quickly realized that Tingley Beach is an incredible location that offers so much right here in Albuquerque!  Thank goodness we are just a 15 minute drive away.  It is truly one of my favorite places in Albuquerque to go with my clients and with my family.   There are trails to explore, bike paths, ducks/geese to feed, paddle boats to rent, and it's right against the Rio Grande.  There is so much to explore that you can’t possibly see it all in one visit so plan to hit this spot a few times this year.

Looking for a trail to walk/jog along the river?  From Tingley beach, cross the bike path and train tracks (for the zoo and bio park train) and you'll head right toward the Rio Grande.  There is a peaceful trail that meanders through the trees and along the river.  It's great for walking, jogging, or cycling.  And, on a hot day go ahead and splash around or take the dog for a swim!  ;)

Kat's TIP:  If you’re looking for a place to ride the bikes, or for your kids to LEARN to ride their bikes, park at the Tingley Beach lot closest to Central - there is plenty of room to park.  (The other lot can get quite crowded, I don't even try to park there anymore!)  The paved trail is flat and is perfect to teach your kiddo to ride!  As you ride away from Central you'll see that you're behind the zoo and can often see the elephants - a great scenic spot for a break!.



2.  Stop and smell the lavender at the Los Poblanos Lavender Festival!

July 7th, Los Poblanos is having their 10th annual lavender festival in Los Ranchos.  Checkout this link here for details!  Register for the run/walk, visit the hundred vendors, enjoy live music, take a yoga class, and soak in my favorite aroma - lavender...   

Kat's TIP:  Plan ahead for parking - it is VERY limited and there are typically over 8,000 people attending!  If you're able to bike, they do have an area to park your bike but be sure to bring your own lock! Parking details.


3.  Go to the Balloon Museum.

Did you know the Balloon Museum hosts "Stories in the Sky" and "Music in the Sky" events for small children - free of charge?  It's different each week.  We've had science experiments, musicians, books, animals, crafts, and so much more.  It's great for all ages.  I've been taking my daughter since she was 6 months old and she absolutely LOVES it!

Kat's TIP:  If you're looking for something for relatives or older kiddos, the Balloon Museum offers free admission on the first Friday of each month.  (Think air conditioning and lots of cool exhibits on a hot summer day.)


4.  Hit up a Splash Park!

Splash parks are always a hit with our kids.  It's a great fun break and they usually run around crazy enough that they pass out during the drive home.  There are several splash parks all over town and many of them are free so bring the sun block, towels, and all the giggles for hours of fun.

Kat's TIP:  If you haven't signed up for the Albuquerque City Moms Blog, you're missing out.  Use this link to checkout all the splash parks and their pricing - click me.


5.  Enjoy a Parade on the 4th of July!

Parades are a great excuse to get outside in the cool morning before the heat of summer takes over.  It's also such a fun family event - I absolutely love parades and so do the kiddos!

Corrales has a parade on July 4th starting at 10am.  After the parade, head to La Entrada Park to join the Fire Department and Boy Scouts for some hot dogs and fun.

Los Lunas has a parade starting at 9am.

Rio Rancho has a parade starting at 10am at the civic Center.  The great thing about this parade is that they encourage kids to decorate their bikes and parents can walk the parade route with their kiddos.  And, there is a bike decorating contest after the parade - how fun is that?!!


6.  Evening Tours & Activities

What happens after dark at the zoo?  Have you ever taken the tour?  What about a moonlit hike in the Bosque?  Or, how about a night walk at the botanical gardens?  Use this link to find out how to register for these unique events.


7.  Go to an Indoor Waterpark!

Just think water fun without a sun burn!  This fun waterpark is now remodeled and offers water slides, a lazy river, a splash area and wading pools.  Be sure to checkout FlowRider (think surfing) on your next visit.  Use this link to plan ahead and checkout their website for photos and details.

Kat's TIP:  Be sure to bring your own towels, rentals are $7.  Coolers (food/beverages) are not allowed in the park.  

8.  Go up to the Peak at the Sandia Crest!

I'll save the best for last...  Going up the Sandia Crest to the Peak is my absolute favorite thing to do in this area.  I love when clients pick this location, I love packing the van with our kids and their cousins &/or friends for a "fun day", and I love the pease that comes with the fresh, crips air at the top.  So, pack up the cooler, grab the kids, and head up to the Peak at the Sandia Crest.  It's always cooler at the top of the mountain and the views are spectacular.  Our family loves to drive and enjoys the windy road to the top with all the pit stops available along the way.  We park at the top and spend hours hiking through the trees, looking out over Albuquerque, and sitting at the Rock House.  If you're wanting a shorter version, take the tram to the top.  Either way once your at the top it's spectacular no matter what time of day.  It can be a bit of a drive so make it a day trip so nobody feels rushed.

Kat's TIP:  Plan on more time.  Each time I drive to the crest I bring extra snacks, tons of water, sun block and hats.  I encourage our youngest to lead the way on our hikes and love watching the kids explore and to just be out in nature.  


I sure hope you enjoyed our first month’s roundup of "Albuquerque Adventures with Kids" and you are inspired to go out adventuring with your family!!  Don't let the heat keep you locked up indoors.  

Wanting to see how to save 60% off your summer portrait session - checkout this blog post!  Wanting to see more photos of the Lavender Field - click here.  I've also got you covered on What Makes a Great Family Portrait Session - check it out here.




Kat Oswald is an Albuquerque Family Photographer.  She is a mom and loves to get out of the house (so her kids don’t drive her crazy with their whining and fighting) and explore hidden gems in and around the lovely city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kat is available for portrait sessions for graduating seniorsteens and tweens, and families. Please, visit the blog, browse the website, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, checkout our Fine Art Boutique School Portrait Division or contact us to get booking details for a session of your own.  Not located in Albuquerque or do you also love to travel?  Contact us here for travel details and to see states we frequent. Get in touch with Kat to find out more about scheduling your family’s next photo session!

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