A New Approach To School Photography... 

Modern, emotive, fine art school portraits focus on your child’s true personality and unique spirit. Our goal is capturing your child for who they are, right in this moment…no cheesy poses or smiles, no loud backdrops or expectations – just a real, honest, beautiful portrait!

Proudly serving schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque Photographers Kat Oswald Photography Fine Art School Portrait Division

Our School Portrait Division provides a custom, boutique experience to all families attending the schools who have chosen us to photograph their students.  Our service is personal and professional. Unlike large, corporate photography operations, we only take on a few, select schools so that we can provide superior customer service and artistic images.  The goal is to redefine the common picture day experience by providing a unique service and creative fine art images.  We offer this service to daycare centers, Pre-K through High School and to Homeschool groups in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

Kat Oswald Photography Albuquerque Fine Art School Portraits Boutique School Division

We provide a personal service to participating schools at a competitive rate.  Parents have the choice of print packages, a la carte items, digital negatives (a must-have for archival longevity and sharing on social media), and numerous boutique items and custom products.  

Parents receive an online gallery for viewing and ordering.  Each child’s gallery will contain at least 2-5 beautiful images from which parents can select their favorites.  I am there each step of the way to guide parents through the process if needed.

If you are a school administrator and are interested in participating in this exclusive program, please contact me directly or via email at

If you are a parent who would like to see your child’s school participate, please speak with your school Director or Principal and direct them here so they can review the information and contact me directly for more information.

Kind Words From Parents:

Wow! These are the best school pictures ever! Best prices ever! So natural, relaxed and fun. We need to get you over to our other daughter’s school! Thank you so much. For the first time it doesn’t just feel like an annual obligation to buy school photos. We truly WANT these! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
— - Sarah, Elementary School Mama
Kat’s School Portraits are nothing short of amazing. I love that they are not your run of the mill school photos. These images are high quality and personalized - as if we scheduled a studio session. These are definitely my favorite school photos of all time!
— Emma, Preschool Mama

Just wanted to thank you, and to say you did such a great job capturing Sebastian. I’m blown away! Thank you. I appreciate your hard work.
— - Mark, Preschool Daddy
Kat effortlessly captured my son’s personality in his pre-school portraits. She’s amazing with children, and her work is very natural and in the moment. She provided us with a really nice variety of shots to pick from, and it was so hard to pick, because every one was great!
— Stephanie, Preschool Mama

I am just stunned that you captured the Jada I know. What a sweet gift you’ve given us to remember our daughter at this age. Thank you so much. Thank you for finding a way to really “get” her personality in picture! LOVE it forever. Can’t wait for next year!
— Andrea, Preschool Mama
Love how you capture the beautiful nature of each child! Thanks Kat!
— Dana, Middle School Mama

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