Authentic, Meaningful Portrait Sessions to Reflect the Love & Power of Your Family Dynamic

Our family portrait sessions are about capturing the power of family, celebrating your beauty and your love, while creating heirlooms that reflect your legacy.

I believe that family represents love at its absolute purest.  A family portrait session with Kat Oswald Photography is more than a simple documentation of the dearest ones if your life - with everyone smiling and looking at the camera...  Our family portrait sessions capture something deeper and more meaningful - the essence of your relationships, the unique personalities of your children, as well as the powerful love that knits you all together.  

My goal is to take the stress out of family photography for you and your family.  With the use of simple guiding, fun interactions, and connection-based posing, I encourage movement and interactions to unfold naturally during each portrait session.  This custom approach allows me to capture those special connections and honest moments - a purity that is familiar and unique to only you and your family.  

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