HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS • LOCATION: Albuquerque, Los Lunas, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe & surrounding areas

Sign up to be on the #2019komodel team and be a part of the most sought-after Senior Portrait Experiences in Albuquerque


We are looking for girls with great personality to represent the SENIOR PORTRAIT division of KAT OSWald Photography.

Unlike most other Senior Portrait photographers, Kat doesn’t take on models all year round – the submission process is only open during a 3 week period of time in January, and once it closes, no more submissions are considered.

You don’t have to be “perfect” or look like a supermodel to be chosen – anyone can submit

So while there are no limitations on physical appearance, there IS a time limitation.  The Model Team has FIRST DIBS at session dates for summer through fall of 2018 to shoot their Senior Portrait SESSION;  Kat only shoots a limited number of high school seniors per year, and her session dates fill up quickly – sometimes over 6 months in advance.  That’s why it’s important to sign up NOW – as part of the model team – to SECURE your spot for your session — PLUS, you get lots of perks:

  • Professional Hair and  Makeup

  • Custom Senior Portrait Session on location

  • Social Media Images to share 

  • FREE Mini Model Session

  • FREE Family Portrait Session

  • FREE Friend Session with your BFF’s

  • FREE Prom Session with your BFF’s

  • FREE custom mobile app that lives on your phone of your images!

  • YOUR PHOTOS FEATURED on insta, facebook, website, and advertising!

  • VIP invite to special events


  • YOU act as the social “cover model” for Kat Oswald Photography

  • Attend special events representing as a Senior Model for the studio

  • Professional conduct when representing the studio as a Senior Model

  • Networking and building peer relationships

  • Provide info about Senior Portraits to parents and graduating seniors

  • Provide testimonial to the unique photo session with Kat Oswald


  • Outgoing personality, fun, energetic, goal-oriented

  • Involvement in extra-curricular activities / community services / church / or job

  • Familiarity with social media

  • MOST OF ALL — Excitement to be on the Model Team!


  • Experience as spokesperson and public relations representative

  • Marketing experience, social media and LIVE communication channels

  • Earn credit and CASH toward your Senior Portrait Session and/or photo products



This form is the first step in getting on the 2018 Model Team!

Click the photo and scroll through it – once you get a confirmation that it’s complete, you’re all done!


2019 Team Application #komodel

The first step in becoming part of the 2019 Team is to fill out this form - please make sure you answer all questions; I know this seems super annoying.....but my biz is all about creating relationships -- I get to know my models really well, so it's super important for me to have as much info about you up front as possible! Don't stress about the answers - just answer these in your own voice - I want to know more about YOU :) - xo, Kat

Your Name *
Your Name
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Parent's Name
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Parent's Cell
Did you visit my site to see my work? Make sure you think I'm a good fit for your senior photos :) www.KatOswal *
Are you willing to travel for your session? (within a 2 hour radius) *
Are you interested in something more.... a DESTINATION session to another state? {fees would apply and only a small amount of these may be offered; by saying yes, you are not obligated} *
How comfortable are you in front of a camera? (selfies don't count!) :) *
How does your family display photographs in the home? *
How many formal family portraits have you or your family - or both - have you taken in your lifetime? *
What kind of music makes you happiest?
Are you available in late Feb/early March for a mini pre-senior session shoot? {local, probably studio shots - time TBA as soon as I get more details} *
If chosen,are you prepared to follow me back on all these platforms? * (if you did already, then YAY!!) *
Are you willing to shoot more than one - possibly even 3-4 shoots with me as an #komodel? (little extra shoots that you will not be charged for) *
Are you open to being submitted to a national magazine (images from one of your sessions) *
How ACTIVE are you on social media? *
How ACTIVE is YOUR MOM on social media? *
What is your fashion style? What are your fave brands? Stores
How comfy are you with hair and makeup? Are you willing to be adventurous if necessary? :) *
Do you have parental consent to apply? *
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