Ten Tips to Look Better in Photos...Instantly

Discover the poses, clothing and beauty tricks that will help you bring out your inner celebrity for the camera. So you never have to hit the "untag" button again!

Contrary to popular belief, being photogenic is an acquired skill - not an inborn talent reserved only for celebrities.

When it comes to looking good in pictures, the simplest tricks can have the biggest impact. To capture the best version of yourself at the moment the shutter clicks and feel crazy confident in front of the camera, just follow the 10 pro tips below and you'll be

in fierce form in no time!


The Tips


Strike a Pose.  

There's nothing to it......

Stand up straight and tall, lift your head (imagine a string pulling your body

upwards). Then stick your chest forward and pull your belly in then let your shoulders relax. Shift all of your weight to the back leg and let the knee of the opposite leg pop out. Pop your hip out just a touch to give some curve. Let your arms relax to the side and slightly bend your elbow. The goal is to have some space between your arm & your body. Pay attention to how stars stand for their photos on the red carpet. I also call this the "Miss America Pose." 



It's All About the Jaw.

Want to avoid that dreaded double chin? When a camera is focused on us we

often unconsciously pull our head back which is completely unflattering. Instead, push your forehead out towards the camera and tilt your chin down ever so slightly. It may feel a bit ridiculous at first, but practice this in the mirror and you'll be impresssed by how well accentuated this easy adjustment can make your jawline look. 



Flirt with the Camera.

Get playful and embrace what makes you unique (your freckles, that

small gap between your front teeth, those cute smile lines). A confident attitude makes all the difference in the world, so stop hiding and start working it! 



The Squinch.

"Are you messing with me?"

Dubbed the "squinch" by headshot photographer to the stars Peter Hurley,

Brad Pitt has this smooth move nailed. All you have to do to pull it off is look intensely in the camera, put a little downward pressure on your brows while you lift your lower eyelids. Sounds confusing, but it works!

It may feel funny at first but with practice you'll look all kinds of sexy and mysterious! 



Size Matters. But, not how you'd think......

Tight fitting clothes photograph better than loose clothes. Solid colors are almost always a better choice than prints. Wearing one color from top to bottom helps elongate your body which makes a slim-fitting dress an ideal option for photographs. It will accentuate your curves in all the right places. It doesn't matter if you're a size 2 or a 22, if you've got curves work them!

Men make sure your suits are tailored properly. Sleeves that are too long or pants that haven't been properly hemmed will throw off your whole look. Throw on a statement necklace (or a bold tie) to pull the attention upwards towards your face and you'll be amazed at how great you look! 



Bend & Snap. If it bends, bend it......

Creating movement and depth is one of the best ways to look great in photos. To do this, think about bending your joints - wrists, elbows, knees, ankles. Think in triangles to create more separation from your body and your limbs. Instead of letting your arms fall flat against your sides, create a triangle or hourglass shape, pop that hip to the side and let the light peek through those sexy curves! Relax your fingers - as if you're touching your thumb to your middle finger and snapping. 



Bring Out Your Best Side. We all have one.....

You probably already know what yours is, so make sure you're flaunting it in all the right ways.

You don't want to be photographed straight on since your shoulders are the widest part of your body, but you also definitely don't want to be shot from the side. A 2/3 turn, slight angle with the focus on your best side will always look more flattering in photos. 


The Afterglow. "I'll have what she's having...."

Moments before the camera clicks, look away from the camera think of

something funny and break out into a big laugh (even it its a fake one) then just as your smile is coming down look back at the camera and voila you'll have the perfect "realistic" smile. Pros call it "Residual Laughter' but I prefer to call it the "Afterglow." Either way, it's a winner. 


Practice makes perfect.

Anything can be learned

Professional stylists actually work with stars before a big event to see what

poses will look the best with their outfit before they walk down the runway. If you know you'll be at an event where you'll be photographed a lot (like a wedding) I suggest you do the same!

Have someone take a few shots of you with an iPhone real quick so you can see just how your outfit photographs. A little practice in the mirror and you'll be "red carpet ready." 


Confidence is key "Maybe she's born with it....."

No amount of posing or practice will replace the natural magnetism that

comes out to play when you’re having fun in front of the camera. Instead of trying to snag the picture-perfect shot or getting tripped up by your camera shyness, just be yourself and those beautiful photos you’re looking for will get captured that much easier. 



Before I sign off, I want to give you one last tip for looking fabulous in front of the camera! Don't take yourself too seriously! Relax and HAVE FUN!